Visual Artist based in Melbourne, Australia. 

I have a background in Photography and primarily make work
based around photographic images. 

At the moment I am making work that attempts to respond to relations to/within land or landscapes. Using the ability of the photographic to represent the many with the few, and focusing on the idea of depicting or representing the points when otherwise obscured structures or systems can be made visible. 

Living and working on unceded Wurundjeri and Boonwurung land. 


I have some work in a group show I helped organise called EcoLuxx$ at Kings Artist-Run. The show opens 6pm Friday the 2nd of November and runs through till the 24th of November. 

There will be a panel discussion with the Ecoluxx$ artists and Zainab Hikmet at 6pm on Wednesday the 7th of November. 


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